Our All inclusive Distribution Mobile App

The mobile app will be used by your DSAs to manage their stock, record sales, payments and debt management. A DSA will place an order from the app, mark it's dispatch as fulfilled, record sales and payments, manage debt and allow transfer of stocks from one agent to another swiftly.

Functional System Features!

Perfect Dashboard

Each Function has a unique dashboard customized for the role from DSAs to Logistics, Finance, Branch Management to Operations in the entire Distribution Pipeline.

Accounting Management

Sambaza ERP enables real time update of DSA accounts for follow up and timely resolution. This minimizes losses, turnaround time and enables inventory management for optimum application of Working Capital.

Data Analytics

Sambaza ERP presents data analytics in a graphic easily understandable format enabling optimum and timely operating decisions.

Highly Scalable

This is a highly scalable system that will manage Dealerships with high numbers of geographically diverse users efficiently.

Role Management

Sambaza ERP handles Airtime Distribution and the system tracks and records all activities in the entire distribution chain.

Stock management

Sambaza ERP enables real time tracking and management of DSA airtime orders through to purchases, dispatch by serial numbers, receipt, as well as sales and remittances. The App also provides real time summary of stocks, sales, remittances and outstanding payments.

dashboard Screenshot

How can I start using Sambaza?

You can start using Sambaza ERP as soon as you want, get in touch and our team will help you setup a perfect environment for you to start operating and managing all your DSAs and stock while ensuring maximum accountability.
not to forget data insights.

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